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Web fonts

Web fonts are versions of the central government fonts that have been optimised for display on screens. Both the Serif and Sans (Dutch) options are available as web fonts.

Sans Web or Serif Web?

Sans Web is used for longer texts. Serif Web can be used in addition to Sans Web in online magazines for variety. The web font versions are less elaborate than the print versions of the official central government font.

  • Like the central government logo, the web fonts may only be used for central government publications.
  • It is a good idea to pick a system font as a fallback for cases when the web font cannot be displayed.
Webfont RijksoverheidSansWeb Text in regular, italic en bold
Webfont RijksoverheidSerifWeb Text in regular, italic en bold

Alternative: system font

If you are unable to use the web fonts for whatever reason, use a system font as an alternative. Acceptable system fonts are Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman.


The central government font for offline applications (Dutch) were specially designed for the central government. There are 2 variants: the Central Government Serif and the Central Government Sans. The fonts also contain a series of Greek characters, arrows and entry boxes. There are separate sets for printed matter, online applications and road information signs.

Rijksoverheid Sans Text lettertype
Rijksoverheid Serif lettertype

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